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Mind Dots open Services MDOS™   is a open service community, offer training & placement services in Clinical Research and IT. Explore our site to discover range of innovative services

About us

We don't have a very big history, we just started up to provide short term training, job and free IT services to enterprises, NGO’s, Startups, Institutions and Open source companies.  MDOS™ is an open services company offers training and placement in the area of Clinical Research, IT, Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology to the students and Enterprises. Our team is a mix of young professionals, Professors, Students and volunteers works towards future India.

MDOS™ is a part of Mind Dots Software System, which is an IT company offering IT services in SAAS model to the tier2 industries across verticals. For more information please visit our website and

Vision & Mission

Our mission is provide education, Job to every Indians and provide free basic IT services to the startups and Rural India which makes IT reachable to unreachble areas. 


  • Make a presence all over the globe
  • Taking IT to Rural areas and leveraging

Famous Quotes:

            “Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance''.
                                                                        -Samuel Jackson